Message from the CEO October 2013
October 03, 2013 8:00 PM EDT
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With the exception of voter-approved overrides (which are severely limited) school districts may only access the same levels of funding as any school district in the state. The override is our only option for providing incremental funding for our A rated schools.

Scottsdale Unified is one of the finest school districts in the state, and they function on a level of funding that ranks near the bottom of school funding in the United States. You, the voter, can help them continue their excellent reputation and results by approving this important override.

What will the override do?
• Preserve free all-day Kindergarten
• Keep our music and arts programs
• Reduce class sizes through the hiring of more than 70 teachers
• Save the jobs of 129 of our current teachers

Nothing can be more important to the business community than the training of our workforce for their future lives. Our district has met with great success, despite massive cuts brought on by the recession and challenges at the state.
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