Economic Development Update October 2013
October 03, 2013 9:22 AM EDT
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The FIGS Have Spoken and the Board Approves

While many folks were basking in the cool air and waters outside Arizona this summer, many of our members were hard at work participating in the follow-up to the Chamber's landmark Scottsdale Forward 2013 event, held in the spring of last year. One day symposia all too often result in a group attending, feeling charged up, and then heading out to conduct the rest of their lives largely unchanged by what they heard. Work and life get in the way unless there is planned activity to take the wonderful ideas and put them into actionable steps.
Such was the role of our Focus Initiative Groups, or FIGS, comprised of volunteers charged with the development of action steps building from the great energy of Scottsdale Forward. Four groups were formed, chaired by volunteers, and they met through the summer to set a new economic development agenda, rife with energy and a strong, positive sense of the future.
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