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July 11, 2013 6:47 PM EDT
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The Legislative Session
While we did not get everything we wanted, this was a strong year for the business community at the State Capitol. At times it appeared as though the session (traditionally 100 days, but this year closer to 160 days plus special sessions) would never end. There were entrenched battles regarding Medicaid. The budget debate prompted everything from television ads with the Governor to vetoes of key legislation to threats of ballot initiatives to overturn the Governor's preferred legislative outcomes. And all of this came from within her own party! We are grateful to be represented at the State Capitol by the Dorn policy Group, who have worked for many years with the East Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT sales tax)

A Governor's task force on TPT reform made several recommendations for improving and simplifying Arizona's arcane sales tax laws, most of which were not controversial and add greatly to the goal of simplification.

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