Economic Development
July 11, 2013 6:47 PM EDT
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Danielle is former assistant city manager for Maricopa and is a credentialed economic developer with both the vision and energy to help Scottsdale re-assert itself as a major player in the economic development arena. She also serves as incoming Chair of the Arizona Association for Economic Development, a group currently chaired by Chamber Chair Eric Larson. We look forward to working with Danielle in her capacity as director of what arguably could be the most important non-elected office in Scottsdale.

High Capacity Transit
Ben Patton of Tiffany & Bosco is an expert and passionate presenter on the topic of light rail, transit-oriented development and transit in the nation and the valley. His presentation to EDAC, a Chamber committee that for several years has advocated connectivity into the region's light rail system, confirmed the incredible importance of transportation in the economic health of the region.

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