Economic Development
July 11, 2013 6:47 PM EDT
The final Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC) meeting of the fiscal year took place on June 11th at DMB Associates. Members of the EDAC or future members of the Council should be aware that the group goes “dark” in July and August, with the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th, 7:30 am at DMB. Please contact Terry Finchfor additional information. Before going dark, members of the EDAC committee met with the new Scottsdale Economic Development Director and a national expert on light rail and transit-oriented development and travel.

Introduction of Danielle Casey, Economic Development Directorfor the City of Scottsdale 
Danielle Casey has joined the staff at the city following a nationwide search for an individual qualified and ready to take the reins of the City of Scottsdale’s Economic Development Department. Led ably on an interim basis by former Chamber VP Cindi Eberhardt, the new director began in June.

Danielle is former assistant city manager for Maricopa and is a credentialed economic developer with both the vision and energy to help Scottsdale re-assert itself as a major player in the economic development arena. She also serves as incoming Chair of the Arizona Association for Economic Development, a group currently chaired by Chamber Chair Eric Larson. We look forward to working with Danielle in her capacity as director of what arguably could be the most important non-elected office in Scottsdale.

High Capacity Transit
Ben Patton of Tiffany & Bosco is an expert and passionate presenter on the topic of light rail, transit-oriented development and transit in the nation and the valley. His presentation to EDAC, a Chamber committee that for several years has advocated connectivity into the region’s light rail system, confirmed the incredible importance of transportation in the economic health of the region.

Scottsdalehas been outside the light rail conversation for too long, preferring to let other communities embrace a transit option that has exceeded expectations and generated astounding new development. The Chamber will continue to ask the City Council to enter into a respectful dialogue in this community about connectivity, potential routes and the development of a solution that serves Scottsdale well and fits its character.

Scottsdaleimports 65% of its workforce daily, a number not to be taken lightly. Tourists flying into Sky Harbor must now all rent cars in order to explore our city. Businesses must compete for a quality workforce that increasingly is asking for alternatives to automobile transportation.

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