Public Policy Advisory Council Update
May 10, 2013 7:41 PM EDT
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City Hall
The Public Policy Advisory Council did not meet this month due to scheduling challenges, but there was a great deal going on at the State Capitol and at City Hall.

The great ice cream truck controversy was settled at long last as the Mayor's proposal to lift Scottsdale's ban on ice cream trucks in Scottsdale passed through the City Council after vigorous debate before a packed City Council chambers.

In the 1970's ice cream trucks were banned in Scottsdale for reasons that never were made clear. There were stories of safety issues, worries about using ice cream trucks as a cover for selling illegal drugs to children and a clear lack of regulation. The Mayor was contacted by a young constituent and entrepreneur who was eager to sell ice cream from a truck which he had purchased with a loan from his father, only to discover that he could sell almost anywhere but his home town.

The Mayor met with the young man, Leo, and set about to change the ordinance in Scottsdale so that Leo and others could sell ice cream in Scottsdale.
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