Who We Are
A corporation dedicated to providing quality preventative health solutions, long term wellness education, and corporate wellness programs because we know the choices made today dictate our health tomorrow.

Cardio Centrix was founded in response to the immense demand to find solutions to an unprecedented rise of cardiovascular disease in our country this past decade. It is our profound belief that prevention, education, and awareness are the key ingredients to acquiring a long satisfying life.

We are driven by a passion to bring affordable preventative wellness programs and education to the community; from the corporate setting to your front door.

Cardio Centrix was incorportated in 2008 and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners have been in the health industry 20 years. They have seen first hand the devastation of cardiovascular and related diseases in their own families, and in thousands of their patients and families.
What We Do
Our top priority is to provide our clients with safe and effective programming by understanding our clients current health baseline, goals, and lifestyle needs. We begin by utilizing breakthrough technology that will allow visual, objective measurements and then utilize this same technology by monitoring personal progress.

Our team of allied health professionals include Cardiologists, General Practitioners, Doctors of Osteopath, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, and Medical Supply Specialists. We are committed through a partnership to initiate, educate, and establish optimal health practices for a lifetime of emotional and physical well-being. (This team is currently under construction.)
Our Mission
Our mission is to advance the health, lifestyle, and well-being of every person we come in contact with. We are committed to increase the quality of life for all people through our advanced yet affordable technologies. We strive to achieve optimal results and compliance for all we serve by raising awareness, educating, and offering continual support from our team of medical professionals.
Our Vision
We aim to change the national epidemic of diseases, and overall poor health due to ignorance, sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. We will be offering many different opportunities and programs that will give all individuals, from consumer to corporate a chance to become more aware of their health and lifestyle guiding them to make lasting changes in their overall health.
Our Values
We will pursue our vision within an environment that fosters integrity, respect, trust, openness, fairness, quality performance, accountability and dedication to quality care for all of our clientele, employees, and professional affiliates.